The benefits of having a My JCS account

My JCS is a fancy name for our online quotation and subscription service. It’s a completely free, no-obligation subscription management account that allows you to…

Request free trials with just a few clicks

It’s easy to organise free trials to all resources available through JCS with your My JCS account. Simply login and select which resources you’d like to look at and when you’d like your trial to begin.

We’ll then process your request and send you your login credentials before your requested start date.

Get instant access to pricing for every e-resource available through JCS

We keep a record of your institution’s details to generate bespoke price quotations in seconds.

You can save and email your quote to yourself for future reference. Please note that JCS quotes are only valid at the time of opening due to our unique consortia pricing.

Subscribe to resources online

We’ve developed a custom subscription ordering service that is managed completely online.

You can designate separate technical and invoicing contacts, and it allows you to pick how you wish your institution to access your new subscription.

All of this information is sent to the relevant publisher or content provider so they can set up your subscription. Furthermore, any subscription ordered through My JCS can be managed within your account – some accounts have more than 10 active subscriptions!

Why it matters?

JCS is constantly working to bring you new and exciting products in the world of e-resources. Our ability to keep prices low is completely determined by you. The more institutions with My JCS accounts, the more power to JCS has to negotiate affordable prices. So register today, and join over 1,500 schools, colleges and libraries at JCS!