Churchill Archive for Public Libraries

Recently added to UNESCO's list of the world's greatest treasures...

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Online access to the complete Churchill Archive - recently added to UNESCO's International Memory of the World Register - is now available to Public Libraries exclusively through JCS. 

In addition to providing extraordinary insight into the public and private life of one of the most significant figures of the 20th century, the 800,000 documents available in the Churchill Archive shed important new light on over 50 years of British and world history.

Highlights include:

  • Churchill’s personal correspondence plus his official exchanges with kings, presidents, politicians and military leaders - from his early correspondence with his family, to letters from the 1950s where he called for a summit with the Soviet Union and letters where he wrestled with the destructive power of the hydrogen bomb.
  • Material relating to Churchill's stand against Hitler and Fascism, political reform and social change in Britain, British policy in India, the shaping of the Middle East and Europe, and the rise of the United States as a global power.
  • Notes and drafts of Churchill's many great speeches - from his annotated copies of his ‘finest hour’ speech in June 1940, to speeches on the rise of Nazism and Munich in 1938 and his opposition of communist domination of Eastern Europe in 1946 – including the speech where he coined the term 'iron curtain'.
  • Photographs and newspaper reports.

Cutting edge functionality and standards compliance...

  • Excellent quick and advanced search options to cater for all levels of user.
  • Intuitive browse options including the ability to explore by topic, place, people and period.
  • Access can be provided via IP and library card, and COUNTER-compliant usage statistics are available.
  • Library branding is also available.

Watch a useful video tour here.


Pricing is based on your library authority’s population coverage. Please contact us, or login to your My JCS account for a quotation.