The JCS pricing model offers significant savings for schools and works like this:

  • Pricing is calculated on the basis of the total number of learners at schools that choose to subscribe to a particular resource.
  • The more that subscribe to a resource, the cheaper it becomes.
  • Just 2,500 or more learners from one or more schools are required to achieve the higher discounts (‘regional consortia rates’) per resource.
  • Regional consortia are cumulative so once the higher discounted rates have been reached all future schools wanting to subscribe to that same online resource will be quoted at the discounted rates.

To see an example of consortium discount pricing for a school of 1000 students, please click here.

Many regional bodies such as Local Authorities and Schools Library Services are taking advantage of the high volume discounts by subscribing to resources on behalf of schools centrally, or by coordinating consortia. Devolved administrations and government departments could also do the same. Click here to see the JCS pricing bands for each of the resources.


JCS has organised schools and sixth form colleges in the UK into 12 regional groups. (Use the left-hand list to check which region your institution is in.)

Schools outside of the UK are grouped into ‘British International Schools’ and ‘International Schools’. International schools based in the UK are a separate consortium within the UK.

You can get a quote or take out a free trial by following the link buttons to the JCS Online Quotation and Ordering Service.

Please note that subscription fees are payable in sterling only.